An Experiment With Dimension

Shibori experiment in creating dimension and space

I did some experimenting on using layers to create dinemsion, space, and texture.

I didn't take many pictures of the process and cant seem to get them off my iphone to this blog, but the result is certainly interesting and worth taking a look at. These pictures do not do justice to the vibrant colors of the wall hanging. I dyed the fabric a base color of moss green. Then folded, pressed, and basted the folds to stay where they were.

You can see the string marks where I wound the piece on the pipe. It was a challenge to get it on the pipe. No scrunching was done with the tying process. I used a 6" diameter pipe since the wall hanging is 21"h x 30"w. The over dyes used were turquoise and national blue, which I adore.

(Originally posted 28 November, 2016

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