Arashi Shibori Kit

Arashi shibori kit labels

The kit is almost here! Have you ever wondered what would it be like to get a kit and just try shibori for yourself?

Have you wanted something a little more unique as a gift for a friend or loved one this season? Are you now getting just a little more than curious about putting on some gloves and seeing what you can create? This is a professional kit unlike the starter Ritz kits out on the mass market and on you tube tutorials. With the Shibori Northwest kit, you will learn the secrets of creating wonderful arashi shibori whether you are just starting out or have some experience with it already. The guidance booklet will give you tips and expert advise to help you create a beautiful and successful textured arashi shibori scarf.

The guidance booklet is wrapping up and the kits are ready for pre orders @ $59.00 each.

The demonstration pictures are hot off the press, therefore, the overdyed pole is still wet and that means two things; the color (espresso bean brown over strawberry) is darker looking when wet, and, since it is wet it cannot be taken off the pole until really dry to make the pleating happy.

Here is a sneak peak at the kit in pictures:








   (Originally posted 28 November, 2016). Edited 26 January, 2016                                                           



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