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I would like to start today by saying that I have not written for quite awhile for a few reasons, including that I got married last year, and I went on a big adventure to Europe and even went on a Mediterranean cruise!! So now I will continue on as Alice Manchester. In reviewing my experiences in shibori, one thing comes to mind in relation to steaming the pieces on poles. You can create a steamer very inexpensively, and that is a real plus when setting up your shibori studio. Presoak the scarf on the pole in straight white vinegar. Now it is ready to steam! Get a stainless steal pot that is somewhat tall, since a pole will be in it and sticking up out of it. At a restaurant supply store you can find a steal steamer grate to put in the pot and set the pole on so it is above the water level in the pot. Use only a few cups of water for steaming. It is more than sufficient. Use aluminum foil (I suggest you keep a role of it in your studio) to wrap around the top of the pot, sealing all the open space between the pot and the pole, making sure to cover the odd space around the handles of the pot. I like to fold a towel and rubber band it around the top of the pole, to keep in the steam. Steam for at least a half hour or more. You can add vinegar to the pot, but it is really not necessary I have found, because of the presoaking that was first done. If any of you use my directions, I would love to have your feedback on how it works for you!! Give me your feedback, ok?? If it works for you like it works for me now,the heat will distort the shape and color of your black pvc pipe!!!! This is a definite drawback, but, it mearly highlights the need for polypropylene pipes. This is the next upgrade. Pvc pipe is good to start with, but, if you get serious about your art, you will want to find better and better ways to work...(Originally posted 15 January 2013)        Edited 8 August, 2023

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