Blue Diva #1

dress panel hems
Hmmm. It's Saturday night and I have been thinking about a new piece. A shibori dress. Something grand. I have worked on a design this weekend, and decided to document the creation of the piece in pictures.
I started with a roll of silk and cut 2 lengths, each 6 feet long. Then hemmed the pieces. To get them on one of my poles they needed to be more narrow though, so I cut them in half lengthwise again. Finishing the hems now and will wash each panel by hand and then give a final rinse and spin in the washer.
       Square corners are important on rolled hems!
hemmed square corners
panels and hems
                     Cut silk yardage for project     
project in process
         Making rolled hems for Blue Diva
Rolled hems seems daunting for all that yardage!
When they are damp I will iron each one and then they will be free of residue and grease of all kinds. In other words, they will be ready to dye. The dress will be called Blue Diva!! It will be my first attempt at such a large piece. I will be trying some new things, so wish me well on my journey and come with me if you like...
(Originally published 28 January, 2013) Final edit 9 August, 2023
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