Blue Diva Shibori Gown Revised Neckline

First pinning of arashi dress panels
Today I have been working on revising the neckline of the gown. A smaller cording has replaced the old one, and this one ties without slipping out! I dyed the cording to take the white sharpness off of it. Beads have been added at the shoulders, specifically at the top of the armholes, so that the neckline can remain adjustable. I have finally visualized the beads for the shoulders attaching by means of a strip with two loops evenly spaced along the shoulder seams. This will also ensure that the neckline has adjustability.
These changes will allow the gown to have an extended sleeve, or cap sleeve look. I am well pleased with the changes so far.

                  Here is how the shoulders looked before:
Blue Diva Shibori
                                 Here is the progress:
Blue Diva arashi neckline and cap sleeves
                             The string being dyed blue:
cerulean blue dye bath
cerulean blue cording
(Originally published 6 April, 2014)  Edited 15 August, 2023
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