Getting Back To The Blue Diva

Arashi shibori gown progress
Very soon I will be getting back to my experimental gown, the Blue Diva. Here are some delectible photos of this gown in progress that have not been previously shown.
Arashi shibori gown neckline
Arashi shibori neckline view 3
Arashi shibori neckline view 2
Arashi shibori neckline view 4
Arashi shibori neckline finish line
These are photographs of the neckline casing formation. I have hand stitched one of the side seams, and am next going to hand stitch the other side seam. Shoulder seam treatment is uncertain at this point, but will be looked at with beading in mind.
(Originally posted 22 March, 2024)  Edited 15 August, 2023
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