Multicolor Scarf

Multicolor arashi shibori scarf


This scarf was a challenge to design because it continually had ideas of it's own as to what it would become and even what would become of it! It started out as a space dyed scarf in yellow, pink, and light blue. It was folded, wrapped on the pole, and dyed dark blue. (I like national blue.) The dye did not saturate all the layers of this large scarf, so I prepared it for dyeing a second round, wrapped it again and dyed it again. I just did not enjoy the appearance of this scarf! I let it sit on my work table for the longest time, maybe for months. Recently, I prepared it again as a flat piece, and wrapped it on the pole at a different angle than it had been before. This adjustment made all the difference in how this piece presents itself. It photographs like a giant scarf being!! This large, lovely, multicolor arashi shibori scarf never even made it online to be sold. Once I showed just one photograph of it to a friend of mine, she fell in love with it on first sight!

 (Originally posted 17 April, 2015) Edited 26 January, 2024

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