Olive And Plum Patterned Arashi Scarf

Olive Plum arashi shibori scarf
This scarf has many interestingly formed patterns all rolled into one. It was first dyed olive green and then dipped in a plum dye bath. The patterns are delicate and varied, so I decided to make them the focus of the piece, and ironed it flat. It is very wide, and also has great length; in short, this is a huge scarf! It reminds me of a typical tie dyed look, and portions of this scarf even look like wax was applied. I assure you it was not!!!
So far, I have been fascinated with the olive green and plum purple dye combination, and have been able to successfully use the same acid dye bath several times. (I have a pair of shoes with this combo of colors and I love them!)
Let me show you some of the varied patterns in this scarf:
arashi patterns close up
more patterns
(Originally posted 5 April, 2014)  Edited 15 August, 2023
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