Pictorial of the Development of Collar 9

This is a brief pictorial and description of the development of the Collar 9 silk piece. Looking into the mirror at it, you can see the number nine, hence the name. The closure is a lobster clasp, placed where the collar crosses itself in front. Each piece in the Shibori Northwest collection comes in its own box for ease of storage and to protect the silk. Some pieces in the collection are flat scarves, which can be handwashed in synthropol or other mild textile detergent. Pieces like this one need to be dry cleaned without steam to preserve the pleating, and in this case, to preserve the double pleating! First the silk was knife pleated on a table, and then shibori pleated on a pvc pipe. Next, the piece was discharged and then, and then overdyed light silver sage with purple accents on some of the tips. I love the little flame shapes that developed on the silver sage. The pleating, while not permanent like it is on polyester, will last for decades if well maintained. The feather shapes are purposely unhemmed, so they can freely float.


Collar 9

started with knife pleats

arashi shibori process

arashi shibori pipe wrapped

close up of little flame shapes

(Originally posted 25 November, 2014) Edited for clarity 25 January, 2024


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