Pictures For The Fun Of It

dramatic arashi shibori scarf
Today I am posting pictures just for the fun of it!! Don't you love the dramatic point of this arashi scarf? It was pleated with a twist, and has many different looks, depending upon how it is worn.
arashi shibori coming off pole
detail of pleating
These are pictures of the double blues scarf as it came off of the pole and as it was draped over the shoulder of a dress form.
And these are fun pictures of a lavendar arashi scarf posing with the blue diva arashi gown. It is quite wide and generously long.
Lavendar arashi shibori wrapped pipe
Lavendar chevron pleated scarf
alternate view
Resting on the Blue Diva gown
Shibori Vortex studio headquarters
This is the Shibori Northwest studio, where all the magic happens!!
(Originally published 30 August, 2014)  Edited 15 August 2023
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