Variation And Interest Through Color And Blending

                      2 color blended shibori

The following pictures are of a new shibori scarf that I dyed 4 times, and the resulting piece shows how color blending can make a dynamite combination. If you vary how long you leave the scarf in the dye bath, you can add depth to the piece. For example, this scarf looks like it has turquoise ghost images because of the different amounts of time the piece was left in the dye bath. Only two colors of dye were actually used, but how and when they were used made the scarf blend in various shades, resulting in a green overtone that is wonderful. The colors shift as the scarf moves, due to the light coming through them. Also, it has occured to me now that this scarf is finished, that if you wind the fabric on the pole more loosely, the ochiri motifs are shaped differently than when you wind the fabric on the pole more tightly. This is a critical element in the crossed diamonds shibori pattern. The string does not have to be wound really tightly either, like some references would have you believe. Maybe they had to do it that way for one reason or another, but winding the string very tightly makes it exceedingly difficult to push the fabric up the pole to create texture or patterns. I say easier is better, and it takes far less time too!!!

Take a look at my resulting scarf:

                     shifting patterns

                       fluidity and ghost images

                 (Originally posted 19 December, 2014) Edited 26 January, 2024

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