When Something Clicks

Shibori Olive Red Scarf
Its always fascinating to me when for some unknown reason, something in my head clicks and the illuminating light switches to ON. It illuminates the creative process that has been swirling in the universal sense of things, and says GO the time is NOW!!! So, although I have not produced much for a while, I am producing like a fanatical and fervent artist with a fever now! Each week I will include a couple of new scarves, and I am very happy to let you know that the following scarf has already been sold. As soon as it was shown, it spoke to the person!
Shibori close up view 1
Shibori close up view 2
Shibori with a twist
Shibori  spread out
Arashi shibori pipe wrap
I dyed the fabric olive green and then dipped it in a plum dye bath with a pinch of red dye added. The red was picked up in the process, so it actually came out sort of burgandy colored on the olive green. A wonderful surprise...
Sometimes I cannot predict how the color will come out in these photographs taken on my phone camera. I think the overall flavor of the piece is fairly represented though.
(Originally posted 17 March, 2014)  Edited for clarity 12 August, 2023
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